GLD Opposed Motions (11-15 February)

Dear All

Kindly find attached the updated opposed motion roll for Judge Weiner for the week of 11 February – 15 February 2019.

The following matters will now be heard by Fourie AJ:

· Nxabela, Thabo Petrus v Transsec 2 (RF) Limited (Case No. 30591/2017)

· In the application to intervene between Allied Steelrode (Pty) Ltd in the ex parte application of Lasercraft (Pty) Ltd (Case No. 26291/2018).

The matter of City of Johannesburg v Susan Beverley Cato (Case No. 22891/2018) will be heard by Weiner J at 11:30.

Kind regards,

2019.02.07 Opposed Motion Roll (Weiner J).pdf